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Update now. March 2.

Update now. February 16.

Update now. February 2.

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[a519]Noibara    2 March 2014

[a518]Yabai    2 March 2014

[a517]Ume    2 March 2014

[a516]Kaede    2 March 2014

[a515]Yabai    2 March 2014

[a514]Yama-momiji    2 March 2014

[a513]Keyaki    16 February '14

[a511]Kaede    16 February '14

[a503]Goyo-matsu    2 February '14

[a502]Yama-momiji    14 January '14

[a501]Mikawa-Kuromatsu 14 January '14

[a498]Kaede    10 January '14

[a497]Chojubai    10 January '14

[a496]Boke    10 January '14

[a453]Karin    10 January '14

[a486]Keyaki    18 November '13

[a484]Nire-elm    18 November '13

[a480]Shinpaku with Shari    31 July '13

[a477]Shinpaku with Shari    31 July '13

[a476]Shinpaku with Shari    31 July '13

[a475]Mini-Shinpaku    31 July '13

[a474]Mini-Shinpaku    31 July '13

[a470]Shinpaku    31 May '13

[a468]Shinpaku    31 May '13

[a466]Shinpaku    31 May '13

[a462]Shinpaku    26 April '13

[a460]Japanese Nire-elm    26 April '13

[a458]Kaede    26 April '13

[a457]Kaede with rock    26 April '13

[a413]Fuji-mame zakura    1 April '13

[a344]Boke    1 April '13

[a343]Boke    1 April '13

[a419]Kaede    1 April '13

[a391]Kaede    29 September '12

[a390]Kaede    29 September '12

[a358]Noibara    7 April '12

[a348]Kotohime Momiji    7 April '12

Satsuki Azalea   5 June '11

Satsuki Azalea   5 June '11

I'm sorry I couldn't update at the begin of July.

It's a funny weather Tokyo, Japan. We had a lot of thunderstorms so my PC was broken and still not the best condition.

I received a lot of emails, thanks a lot. As you know, we have a trouble of Fukushima nuclear plants problem now. I can't export the bonsais to the overseas. The customs make a hard check for the packages from Japan, so the bonsais don't pass through the customs. But I will be able to send the bonsais at this autumn or winter again.

And another, now it's a best season of flowering Satsuki Azalea.

kind regards.

Welcome to our Koshidi Bonsai Shop, we have shohin and mame Bonsai here.

We show you true Japanese BONSAI at this site. You can look every true BONSAI and every style BONSAI in four seasons. For example SAKURA has the flowers in spring but she doesn't have the seeds. KUKO has flowers in summer and has seeds in autumn. They loose the leaves in winter. And I write the information at every BONSAI photos.

If you want to buy BONSAI in our "on sale" site, we sell and send you it. It is also O.K. only to look our sites since BONSAI is beautiful tradition in Japan.

Koshidi company       Hiroshi Koshidi

Saitamaken Niizashi Nobidome 3-10-31 Japan

13 October 2010

Autumn has coming. I'm sorry, I make update now. And this summer was very hot. The Bonsais are not the best condition. The leaves are not healthy now.

16 October 2009

We didn't know there were some troubles in the "contact us". So we didn't receive all of your messages in the past some months. We are very sorry about it.

Now the "contact us" was recovered. Please use it again if you like.

And please send your question for the care of Bonsai if you like.

Best regards
26 September 2009
I am making "How to care Bonsai" now. Please check !
15 March 2009
Please look at Sakura blooming at "Sakura festival".
15 Feb. 2009
We begun to sell the "mini bonsai pots".

First please send E-mail to us by "contact us", We will receive your e-mail without fail. We show you the detail about it.